Covid 19 

Our Response to COVID-19

Our response to the ever-evolving pandemic continues to focus on adapting our work environment, policies and benefits to provide maximum protection for our employees’ mental and physical health and to give them the best possible support.

Shared priorities and purpose have enabled us to utilise our full resources in order to give our staff confidence in the security and safety of all parts of our premises.

We were one of the first companies in the UK to introduce key safety protocols and equipment:

We spare no efforts to ensure that our employees, customers and consumers can always depend on us during these challenging times.

At the start of lockdown, Tricogen responded swiftly to the surge in demand for hand sanitiser, going from producing five tons a year to 100 tons a month. Six months on, our new production line will ensure that the company can build up stock to always stay ahead of demand, while also creating extra capacity for other products.

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